My Kindle Honey Do

imageThe Kindle 2 is the best present I’ve given my wife. She likes it much better than the red Dustbuster I got her for Valentine’s Day (hey, red’s romantic). She loves it and uses it constantly (the Kindle 2, not the Dustbuster).

Her one frustration is that the Kindle does a poor job of displaying screenshots and programming code (she’s a professor of computer science at a community college). She asked told me to find a solution since I supposedly know so much about gadgets. And while I was at it, she’d also like touch and color.

Barnes & Noble recently announced their e-reader, the Nook. The Nook does support touch, and has a color sub-display. I don’t know how well the Nook will display code and screenshots. We will be able to test the Nook in a Barnes & Noble store when it becomes available around Turkey Day. But even if the Nook does the job, she’d have two e-readers, connected to different systems that don’t talk to each other.

We have a lot of Tablet PCs lying around. I thought one of them would be a great solution. They have touch and color, and should have no problem displaying programming code and screenshots.

One problem. While there’s an app enabling you to read Kindle books on the iPhone, there was no corresponding application to display Kindle books on PCs. Until a few days ago … when Amazon announced a new app: Kindle for PC. So that problem’s solved!

Next issue: Which Tablet PC (or MID or UMPC)? I guess great minds think alike. One of my favorite bloggers, Steve “Chippy” Paine, just posted What’s the best PC for the Amazon Kindle PC software? He lists the specs for the ideal Tablet PC (or UMPC or MID), including the obvious (and key) ones of size and weight. He also assesses some existing devices, including two I own, the Viliv S5 and X70.

My current thinking is that I will try the Kindle for PC app on the S5 and see how my wife likes it. Though I wonder if I can convert that red Dustbuster into an e-reader?


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