Acer Liquid – First Android phone with Snapdragon processor

imageOn October 14 Acer, a well-known manufacturer of PCs, but a relative newcomer to the smartphone arena, announced the Liquid. The Liquid is yet another phone with a large (here 3.5”) and capacitive touchscreen. What’s different is it’s the first Android OS phone to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. That processor is already is used in two WinMo OS phones, the Toshiba G01 and the forthcoming HTC HD2. However, the Snapdragon hasn’t been used in any announced Android phone to date (though there is the rumored HTC Dragon).

Let’s compare the Liquid to another latest and greatest Android phone, the Motorola Sholes aka Droid:

  Liquid specs Droid specs
Dimensions (mm) 115 x 62.5 x 12.5 115.8 x 60 x 13.7
Weight (g) 135g 169
Screen size (inches) 3.5 3.7
Screen resolution 480 x 800 480 x 854
Android OS version 1.6 2.0
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon (1GHz) TI OMAP 3430 (550MHz)

The Liquid’s 1.6 OS version is a bit of a surprise considering the Droid will be using the 2.0 version. Perhaps Acer will upgrade the OS version before release, which this site reports will be November 28.

The Droid’s processor has a lesser clock speed. That doesn’t necessarily make it inferior, especially since I believe it may have a separate GPU. Performance benchmarks are needed. A battery life comparison also would be interesting.

The Liquid is a 3GSM phone. By contrast, the Droid is going to Verizon as a CDMA phone. However, according to Engadget Mobile, the Droid may be available as a 3GSM phone, though perhaps (in the US) only unlocked (with a correspondingly higher price) rather than carrier-subsidized. Hey, it’s only money; as long as my AT&T SIM enables me to travel in the 3GSM fast lane.

Sigh. So many women gadgets, so little time money.

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