Dell, free Rob Bushway!

imageRob Bushway, the founder of GottaBeMobile, is twittering each day, since the release of Windows 7 last Thursday, about the lack of Windows 7 drivers for the Dell Latitude XT. The XT (which I’ve owned) was the first multi-touch Tablet PC. Since then, Dell has released the XT’s successor, the XT2 (which I own), which of course comes with Windows 7 installed and new drivers. Nevertheless, Dell shouldn’t forget its customers who plunked down major cash (> $2K) for the XT.

By contrast, Verizon, though much maligned, just did right by its customers of an “older device.” Verizon is about to release the Storm2, with the new 5.0 OS. Nevertheless, it released the 5.0 OS for the original Storm, even though this could cut into its sales of the Storm2. This makes me more comfortable about doing business with Verizon.

By contrast, based on Rob’s situation with his XT, I’m now a bit nervous that Dell will forget about me and my XT2 when the XT3 rolls around. I also buy desktops and servers from Dell. Since I’m not made of $$, I don’t upgrade them every time Dell releases a new model. Yet, I’d expect Dell to support them with driver upgrades during their useful life. And the XT still is well within its useful life.

Dell, do right by Rob and your other XT customers.