Enter the Dragon … and the X10

No, not the famous Bruce Lee martial arts movie of over 35 years ago. Nor is the X10 a successor to the first supersonic fighter, the X-1. (Boy am I dating myself). Instead, you now can add two more large capacitive touchscreen phones to the growing list we’ve been discussing recently.

Enter the (HTC) Dragon (aka Passion). Engadget Mobile and Slashgear report that the Dragon is the CDMA equivalent of the GSM HTC HD2 and will be coming to Verizon by the end of this year. If true, the Dragon will beat the reported arrival in the US in first quarter 2010 of the HD2 model which supports US 3GSM bands. The Dragon also will join the Motorola Droid and other Droid headsets (that’s confusing) at Verizon.

Update: While there’s evidently a Dragon/Passion, it may not be an Android clone of the HD2 per No Android-based HD2 says HTC CEO Peter Chou. Who knows? Maybe the Dragon/Passion will be better? Whatever the case, it apparently will be different than the HD2.

As for the X10 … Sony Ericsson apparently will announce it on November 3. The X10 apparently will be an Android 2.0 OS phone with a large (exact size unknown) touchscreen and Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon processor. No other details yet.

You can add the Dragon and X10 to the other large capacitive touchscreen phones that we’ve previously discussed:

Storm2 (3.25”, Blackberry OS) – today (October 28) to Verizon.
Motorola Droid (3.7”, Android 2.0 OS) – November 6 also to Verizon .
HTC HD2 (4.3”, Windows Mobile OS) – Being released in Europe this month; reported US 3GSM model in first quarter 2010, 3G bands and carrier (if any) unknown.
Archos (4.3” Android OS, version unknown) – Likely to be announced January 2010, presumed GSM, US 3G support unknown.
Acer Liquid (3.5”, Android 1.6 OS) – Little information yet known.

Frankly with other Verizon choices like the Droid, probably the Passion, and perhaps others, I’m in no rush to get the Storm2 even though it’s out today. This is especially true since I’m able to run on my Storm basically the same 5.0.x OS that’s on the Storm2. So instead, I’ll continue to dither analyze my choices.

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