Stylus for Capacitive Touchscreen

I prefer capacitive to resistive touchscreens. I find the capacitive touchscreen more responsive to scrolling and other interaction.

However, one disadvantage is that a capacitive touchscreen doesn’t respond to a traditional stylus. Its capacitive nature requires responding to a finger tip or something else that acts as an electrical conductor.  Consequently, only special, conductive styluses work with a capacitive screen. This has long been an issue with the iPhone, and more recently with other capacitive touch screen phones, such as the HTC HD2.

Teno Pogo Sketch and Dagi Transparent stylus are two styluses which do work with a capacitive screen  The video, courtesy of, compares the two styluses with an HD2. The verdict? Well, watch the video.

Update: HTC Capacitive stylus. Or forget the stylus altogether, and wear gloves.

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