Enabling my Zune HD to speak

DSCN0122 It’s been a couple months since I told you my first impressions of the Zune HD. Overall I was favorably impressed, a good thing considering the bucks I shelled out for this PMP. However, one dislike was the need to use wired earplugs (I don’t like wires) to listen when the Zune HD wasn’t connected to a computer, such as when I’m in my car. The Zune doesn’t have a speaker, and doesn’t support Bluetooth. The Zune has an accessory which supposedly enables you to play the Zune through your car’s FM radio. But it doesn’t work well.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I invited my long-suffering wife to a romantic walk … which just happened to take us past the local Radio Shack. The Gigaware imageUniversal Speaker for MP3 (pictured on right) caught my eye. I pointed out to my wife that its price ($21.99) was less than the cost of a dozen red roses (that didn’t go over too well for some reason). And upkeep would be cheap; the unit requires only one AAA battery. Last but certainly not least, the sound is pretty good.

The Gigaware has an interesting feature. Its 3.5 mm plug slides along its top. This is convenient since the Zune’s 3.5mm connection is on the left. By sliding the plug to the left, the speaker is centered (see picture above).

Now, without wired earplugs, I can listen to my Zune in my car — or while lying down on the sofa or bed. You can’t keep a good geek down!

Nevertheless, I still want to be able to listen to my Zune HD through a Bluetooth headset. For one thing, it would be more private than sound going over a speaker, important if I’m around other people. I think there’s a way even though the Zune doesn’t support Bluetooth. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

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