HTC 1st Half 2010 Roadmap – Where’s the Passion?

image Numerous sites, including the usual suspects (BGR, Engadget, SlashGear), are talking about HTC’s leaked roadmap for Windows Mobile and Android devices for the first half of 2010.

I’m underwhelmed. Except by the Bravo (picture courtesy of XDA-Developers). This Android packs a 1GHz Snapdragon processor with a 3.7” AMOLED (capacitive?) touchscreen and HD 720p video capture. Also a 16GB microSD, 1400mAh battery and HTC Sense interface. Coming in April 2010. GSM/HSPA, so not going to Verizon. Update: Unfortunately, may not be going to US first either. Initial 3GSM frequencies the European 900/2100MHz.

But … what about the Dragon, Passion and PassionC? I discussed them only yesterday in HTC Dragon or (not aka) Passion. There’s some hope: HTC Passion runs Android on 3.5-inch OLED and Snapdragon in Verizon’s early 2010? But nothing definite.

So how much longer can I stay strong for the Passion and resist the Motorola Droid? Martha and the Vandellas said it well in Jimmy Mack: “I wanna say, I’m not getting any stronger, I can’t hold out very much longer. Trying hard to be true, but Jimmy, he talks just as sweet as you.”

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