T-Mobile 3GSM uber AT&T?

image This quarter (it is January 1) the HTC HD2, with its 4.3” capacitive screen, will be supporting US 3GSM frequencies! And much sooner, indeed only 4 days from now, Google likely will be announcing the Nexus One, with a 3.7” AMOLED and capacitive screen.

So you’d think I’d be steadying my hand shaking in anticipation of moving my seldom-used AT&T voice/data SIM to one of these bad boys? Uh … no.

Both of these super phones will be supporting T-Mobile’s 3GSM frequencies, not AT&T’s. You can still use these phones on AT&T’s network. But for data, you’ll be limited to EDGE; no 3GSM. Sort of like getting a Ferrari, but you can only drive it to the local supermarket. Why buy an expensive super phone when it only will limp along the information super highway?

US 3GSM love going to T-Mobile and not AT&T isn’t new. The most recent example is the Nokia N900.

I’ve carped about this before: HTC HD2 – Which US 3G Bands? Enough carping. What to do?

One option is to rejoin T-Mobile.  I moved because their voice coverage sucked. However, that was some years ago. Maybe things have changed? T-Mobile’s voice/data coverage map indicates good coverage both where I live and where I work. Though I’ve learned to take carrier coverage maps with the proverbial grain of salt.

Another option is to buy unlocked a variant heading to another carrier in the Americas, perhaps South America, that happens to have the same 3GSM frequencies as AT&T. This may be a long shot for the HD2 … perhaps even more so for the Nexus One.

I think I will check with T-Mobile users where I live and work and see how they like their voice and data coverage.

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4 Responses to “T-Mobile 3GSM uber AT&T?”

  • I feel your pain. I don’t think I can bring myself to spend $530 on another cell phone.
    I very, very nearly bought the Camangi Webstation but backed off.
    I was getting gadget withdrawal symptoms so bought myself a car radar detector and a new in-car radio/DVD/Nav/BT. – You know how it is!

    • More news … see “Hope for an AT&T 3G Google Nexus One?”

      Not sure I’d spend $530 on this device even if I could use it on AT&T 3G. But nice to have a choice.

      I wonder is there is a 12 step program for gadget addiction 🙂

      • I personally know of such a program; I call it the Wallace 6X program:

        Step 1. See gadget and compulsively buy it
        Step 2. Start to second guess as to why you actually bought this gadget
        Step 3. Repeat the above two steps six more times (hence the name ‘6X’)

        It may not cure you but it’s a workable standard that I apply to myself to make me feel as though I am not addicted.

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