Resistive vs. Capacitive – Best of both worlds?

image I’ve made obvious my preference for capacitive over resistive touchscreens. Capacitive touchscreens simply are far more responsive.

However, capacitive touchscreens have their disadvantages. One is that you can’t write on them with a stylus unless you have a special (and expensive) type of stylus. And even then the precision of your writing is less accurate than with a resistive screen.

It would nice to have our cake and eat it too; the sensitivity of a capacitive screen, but the accurate writing of a resistive screen. This screen nirvana may happen. Per Resistive display not out just yet!, a company called Touchco is promoting a technology which promises the accuracy of a resistive screen with the sensitivity of a capacitive screen. The article includes two videos. The Touchco site has even more.

Before you start dancing in the streets, Touchco’s resistive multi-touch could be the next step for touchscreens points out that the “video demos leave out one key element to that idea: they don’t have a touchscreen solution yet.” Yet, the article acknowledges that “the sensitivity and accuracy they demonstrate is stunning”, and sees “tremendous potential.”

So, this is a technology to watch for … but not count on. But it does illustrate that resistive and capacitive may not always be mutually exclusive alternatives.

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