USB Thumb Drive


[Via The Viliv Boys]. This appeals to my deranged sense of humor. Speaking of which, I’m surprised Chris Davies of Slashgear hasn’t pointed this out yet.

Viliv Boys doesn’t say where you can get this must-have gadget. I found this site where a 4GB model costs $20. I think it’s the same one. All severed thumbs look the same to me.

If severed thumbs aren’t your thing, check out The top 10 weirdest USB driimageves ever for other ideas. Most are food-oriented (sushi, shrimp, sake). #1 though is Barbie. Barbie is weird enough, but worse, you have to remove her head to use the drive.

Update: Chris Davies of Slashgear replied via Twitter that “it’s always nice to be name-checked next to a beheaded doll or severed digit!" Chris, no one is going to mess with you or your blog after that name check! Seriously, I greatly enjoy (and relate to) Chris’ sense of humor. See his comment below for another example 🙂

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