Zune HD with Bluetooth!


Zune HD Solution? teased you about a forthcoming gadget “which I hope will improve the functionality of my Zune HD” and promised “I’ll let you know what it is and if it works.” Now I’ll keep that promise.

The Zune HD functionality I wanted to improve is it doesn’t have Bluetooth. I hate wired headsets. I want to listen to my Zune HD with my Bluetooth headset or headphones.

The gadget is a Pama 3.5mm Bluetooth Dongle. After charging it, I plugged the 3.5mm end into my Zune HD and paired it with my BlueAnt Q1 headset. It works! I can now listen to songs, radio and podcasts on my Zune HD through my Bluetooth headset!

This solution isn’t as good as integrated Bluetooth. I have an extra gadget, which also has to be charged, and hangs from my Zune HD. But, hey, it’s not a perfect world! And maybe there are other 3.5mm Bluetooth adapters out there that might integrate even better.

I’m next going to try listening to my Zune HD on very recently released Bluetooth headphones which are arriving tomorrow, the renowned … well, that’s another post for another day!

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