HTC HD2 vs HTC Nexus One

imageWmPowerUser’s article, named like this post, has a table comparing these two leading phones.

The most obvious difference is the HD2’s screen is 4.3” vs. the Nexus One’s 3.7”. Despite this substantial difference in screen size, the two devices are very similar in height and thickness, the only meaningful difference being width:

  HD2 Nexus One
Height (mm) 120.5 119
Width (mm) 67 59.8
Thickness (mm) 11 11.5

In the USA, both devices are going initially to T-Mobile USA, though Verizon will get a CDMA version of the Nexus One this Spring.

I really like the HD2. However, it doesn’t appear to be going to either of my carriers, Verizon or AT&T 🙁 Perhaps I can buy unlocked an HD2 variant heading for South America to a carrier that has the same 3G bands as AT&T. A long shot though. Otherwise, I need to decide whether to sign up with TMo to get the HD2.

I like the Nexus One, not as much as the HD2, but enough that I am glad I decided to hold out and not spring for the Motorola Droid. The Nexus One likely will replace my Blackberry Storm on Verizon unless something better comes along to Verizon in the meantime.

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  • Whoa there big boy! I can see you working yourself into a frenzy here. Stop trying so hard to rationalize this purchase. Wait until the CES news is out then think about this again. Do you really need a new phone?

    Ok, ok; don’t say I didn’t try. (I have to admit, the AT&T thing is stopping me, too 😉

  • PS: I think I could like the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 hybrid

  • This is killing me… I’m on ATT right now but my contract is expired so I ordered the nexus one on T-mob (its arriving tomorrow) and I’m kicking myself… I dont know if I should send it back before activating it and wait the extra 2 months for the HD2. Ive been waiting this long for it as it is…

    The Nexus was kind of an impulse buy and now I’m seeing that there’s no multitouch, problems with 3g, and the apps cant run from the storage card on any android phone… Granted, most if not all of my concerns might be cleared up in time, but the HD2 is bad ass already and got all the kinks out… and it will be getting a WM7 upgrade later on…

    Ughh… decisions, decisions…

    • Hamburg, there’s no right answer. But I should point out that not even the HD2 is a perfect solution.

      1. Its OS is Windows Mobile. That isn’t necessarily bad. It depends how you feel about WinMo.

      2. Is there a guarantee its OS version will be upgraded to WinMo 7?

      3. It is necessarily a large phone due to its 4.3″ screen. For some, too large.

      Just things to consider. Curious what your ultimate choice will be.

      • I have WinMo 6.5 now on my AT&T Tilt (the original) and I love it. But Im ready to upgrade.

        As for winmo7, yes the HD2 will get an upgrade. That info was announced from HTC. Plus it meets all the Chassis requirements.

        As for your last comment, that really is my only concern. It does sound a bit big, but on the other hand everyone that’s handled it has fallen in love with it. plus I have big hands. And not being european, my pants are loose enough to fit the phone in my pocket! lol.

      • Hamburg, take a look at my later post “HTC HD2 Size Comparisons.”

        I have not seen an official HTC announcement of Windows 7 on HD2. Even this morning, still rumors:

        I am looking long and hard at the HD2 when it comes to the US. Not enthusiastic about TMo though. Still holding out hope that there will be a version for a SA carrier who has the same bands as AT&T that I can buy unlocked. Long shot though.

      • Youre absolutely right. I read the same article this morning. Its not definite but this article was posted shortly after.

        Its not official, but I think we can all agree (hope:) that its likely.

      • I agree that it is very likely HD2 will be getting WinMo 7 later this year. We may learn more at Mobile World Congress next month.

  • Me, too. I’ll be listening in and you’d better be keeping us posted, Hamburg!

    You know, phones should be like shirt, suits or ties – a different one for each occasion. That should be reflected in their price.

    BTW: As none of my tech/geek purchases are made out of necessity, I guess one could argue that most of them, for me at least, are impulse buys. Or could it be that people like us were simply born in the wrong century?

  • Howdy, so I’m waiting for the HD2 after all. Except, I’m not sending back the Nexus one. Turns out my girlfriend wants it so she’s going to assume responsibilities of the phone and activate a T-Moble account in her name. I checked with T-Mob and they said this was kosher, but I tried getting in touch with google and they haven’t gotten back to me so I think we may just proceed with it and hope El Goog doesnt see it as though I bought a subsidized phone but never activated the contract and try to charge me the difference… Here’s hoping…


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  • I bought my HD2 virtually month ago, already got lot of apps on it however want extra of course. Nonetheless want to in finding higher PDF reader, with better fullscreen mode and multitouch. Making plans install android on it however it’ll be not very soon.

  • I bought my HD2 virtually month ago, already were given lot of apps on it however need more of course. Nonetheless want to in finding better PDF reader, with better fullscreen mode and multitouch. Making plans install android on it but it’ll be now not very soon.

  • Yes I need the weather at the house srceen with news updates, sure I would like contacts visable at any given time, I need a teach app, a flight app, a highway congestion status app and yes I want a telephone which will respond to my each command and no longer grasp/freeze or shutdown like my present Nokia E72 or my previous Blackberry Bold.

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