Viliv N5

image Viliv is showing its new N5 at CES. The N5 is a clamshell version of its slate older brother, the S5. Both have a 4.8” touch screen and similar processor, RAM, radios, etc. Though the N5, unlike the S5, has a SD slot, welcome since the SSD is 32GB. The N5 also has a couple of other things the earlier S5 didn’t have (like a webcam).

The dimensions and weight of the two devices are similar, with the N5 being slightly larger and heavier, not surprising since it has a hardware keyboard. What is surprising is the major difference is the width, not the thickness, perhaps because of the wide bezel on both sides of the touch screen.

  Viliv N5 Viliv S5
Weight 399 gm / 14.08 oz 395 gm / 13.9 oz
Width 172 mm/6.77” 154 mm/ 6.1”
Height 86 mm/ 3.38” 84 mm/ 3.3”
Thickness 25 mm/ .98” 24 mm/ .9”

*Specs from UMPC Portal Product Database

The N5 has some clamshell competition: the UMID BZ (aka M2). Pocketables and MIDMoves have some information and photos on the UMID device.

I’m sure we’ll learn more abut the N5 and BZ as CES progresses.

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