Verizon Femtocell 2

imageI purchased the Verizon Wireless Network Extender almost one year ago (1/25/09). This device is a femtocell. A femtocell is a small cellular base station which connects to your cell phone service provider’s network via your home’s broadband connection and broadcasts a strong signal through your home. Since the femtocell connects via the Internet rather than over the airwaves, the weakness of your over the air signal doesn’t matter. Important to someone like me who lives in the hills with a weak cell phone signal but a good (T1) broadband connection.

The shortfall in VZW’s network extender is data is only at 1x speed; no travelling down the EVDO data fast lane. But there’s hope. Engadget Mobile reports on Samsung’s forthcoming femtocell, which offers 1X and EV-DO service simultaneously. It also supports 8 concurrent connections – an increase from the current 4. Coming Q2. Unknown whether VZW will offer an upgrade path from its current network extender.

In the meantime, where’s AT&T’s promised femtocell? Or T-Mobile now that it’s ending its @Home service.

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  • Recently, I have been plagued with intermittent service depending on where my phone is located in the house. I never had issues until about 4 months ago and then something…. Verizon has no idea what, happened. You say you’ve had this device now for over a year. Does it really work fine and have clear voice communications? I am getting ready to dump my service if I can’t get it working reliably. I missed a 3rd-level job interview call today because of this and I am not at all happy about it.

    Thank you for your reply;

  • Kidd, my heart ached a bit when I read that. I am considering buying one of these almost as a preemptive measure. Phones are in the mail right now, but I’m aware of occasional spottiness with Verizon in my neighborhood.. gulp. Just dropped land line for multiple mobiles.. hope it’s not a mistake.

  • I installed my ‘Network Extender’ last night and it works great.. changed from one bar to 5 bars in my house. No noticeable latency. Voice quality is the same. It worked well with my Apple Airport router even when streaming video and doing large downloads.

    I have heard that when using these one should increase the rings to voice mail because you callers may hear an additional ring before your cell rings, giving you less time to pick up before it rolls over.

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