HTC HD2 Size Comparisons

image The HTC HD2 is (IMO) the best phone currently available. However, does its 4.3” screen make it too big?

Pocketables’ HTC HD2 size comparisons follows the adage “a picture is worth a 1000 words” by providing … a lot of pictures. Specifically, pictures comparing the HD2 to many different devices. I mean many. The one above shows, left to right, the Archos 5 Android, the HD2, and the iPhone.

In case you’re not into pictures, here’s another comparison:

  HTC HD2 iPhone 3G
Weight 157gm / 5.5 oz 135 gm / 4.8 oz
Height 120 mm / 4.7” 115.5 mm / 4.5”
Width 67 mm / 2.6” 62.1" mm / 2.4”
Thickness 11 mm / .4” 12.3 mm / .48”

As you can see from both the pictures and the table, the HD2 is surprisingly not much larger than the iPhone (and indeed thinner) considering the rather substantial difference in screen size (4.3” vs. 3.5”).