LG GW990 – First Moorestown Phone

image It’s no secret that I like large screen phones with powerful processors. The LG GW990 is all that. It’s screen is a whopping if elongated 4.8”! And it’s powered by an Intel Moorestown processor, whose promise Chippy explains. OS unknown. Indeed, the LG GW990 may be available in several OS’s.

But Pocketables aptly wonders if the device is (pun coming) pocketable. My Archos 5 Android IT has the same 4.8” screen size and is pocketable. But the Archos is not so … elongated. The LG GW990 almost reminds me of a small version of the Sony Vaio P.

The Pocketables article is good reading. Engadget (picture source) and MidMoves have more pictures and a video.

My guess is we’ll learn more about the LG GW990 and perhaps siblings at Mobile Windows Congress, starting on February 16 in Barcelona.

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