Pepwave Surf Mini

image I rely on WiFi both at home and work. I don’t always want to be tethered to a desktop. At home I may want to “sofa surf”, cruising the Internet while watching cultural events on TV like extreme cage fighting. At work, I don’t sofa surf (or at least admit it), but may want to access the Internet while in another office or conference room.

The problem I have is, due to the layout of my home and my work, and perhaps the construction materials, the WiFi signal is weak to non-existent in many locations. The solution would be a wireless bridge or repeater. I found a gadget that does that, and more!


I purchased the Pepwave Surf Mini from the 3GStore. List price is $99.99. The Surf Mini may be configured as a wireless bridge or repeater. It also can serve as a wireless router, or a bridge for devices that don’t have WiFi. This document details a variety of uses, including by campers, boaters and travelers. Since I have no life and work all the time, I can’t verify how useful it would be camping, boating or traveling.

In addition to having no life, I’m also quick to complain about all too common lousy service. Therefore, it’s only fair to also mention excellent service. The 3GStore offers free tech support to products purchased from their store. I needed some help to configure the Surf Mini. I got through right away; no long hold times listening to insincere messages about how important I am as a customer. And when I got through, Dario, the tech support rep, was knowledgeable, courteous and otherwise excellent. (And yes, he solved the problem).

Now that I have the Surf Mini working, I can now access the WiFi at work at places I previously couldn’t. I’ll next try it at home. I’ll be writing more about this versatile device soon.



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