Apple Tablet Prediction

image Unless you’ve been hanging out in the caves with the Taliban, you know that Apple’s announcement of its “creation” is tomorrow (January 27) at 10 am Pacific time. The almost universal prediction is that Apple will announce a tablet, the iTablet, iSlate, or (if you’re a minimalist), the i.

Assuming a tablet it is, what will be the specs? Not being on a first name (or even last name) basis with Steve Jobs, I have no inside information.

Like most, I believe the screen size will be 10” (not 7”) and the form factor will be a slate, not a convertible. I don’t believe its intended function will be a substitute for a laptop. Instead, it will be a web consumption device for the Internet, eReading (I guess that’s a word nowadays), YouTube, etc. Again, this is the conventional wisdom.

So all this proves is I’m a sheep following the flock. Let’s see if Apple pulls the rug out from most of us. I doubt it. I think we’ll see a very interesting slate, that may be the death knell for devices such as the Archos 9.

In any event, we’ll find out in about 24 hours. I’m excited! How about you?

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