HTC HD2 goes supersonic

image The HTC HD2 – with its capacious 4.3” capacitive screen housed in a svelte frame, has for months been my dream girl – err, phone. (I guess I do need to get out more often). But as in my dating years, my love is unrequited. The European version currently available doesn’t support US 3GSM frequencies. The T-Mobile USA version which does isn’t available yet. And when it is, will TMoUSA’s 3G network be adequate? That network’s troubles with the just released Nexus One raises concerns.

I wish the HD2 was going to Verizon. But so far it doesn’t look that way. And even the US version won’t work on AT&T 3G’s bands. Possibly the version headed to Australia’s Telstra network will work on one of AT&T’s 3G bands. But even if so, lately AT&T’s network has had problems handling the iPhone. And with the iPad coming to AT&T …

Let’s see … Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T … what was that 4th network? Oh yes — Sprint. And guess what? An HD2 Android variant, dubbed the Supersonic, may be coming to Sprint! With a 4.3” capacitive and AMOLED screen, the now ubiquitous 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and Sprint WiMAX compatibility. That last item means 4G, folks. Not LTE, but still 4G, and LTE may not be widely available for a while yet.

Details just emerging, so a release date isn’t known yet. Perhaps we’ll learn more at MWC in a couple of weeks?

[via, including picture, Engadget]