Dell Mini 5: Pocketable? Holdable?

imageIt’s hardly a secret I like … no, love … phones with large and capacitive touch screens. But is the Dell Mini 5, at 5”, too much (or big) of a good thing?

CarryPad is looking forward to this device. Let’s see what they’re looking forward to.


-5” 800×480 capacitive screen
-GSM SIM (3G bands unknown) with phone functionality
-Android 1.6 (Dell customized)
-1GHz Snapdragon CPU
-MicroSD slot x 2
-5MP camera + front facing cam

CarryPad Thoughts

“I’m wondering if I’m the only one looking forward to this device? We’ve already got similar (albeit smaller) devices on the market, like the Nexus One, which has the same screen resolution, same camera resolution, and even the same 1GHz Snapdragon CPU (and it is running the latest version of Android). I couldn’t quite tell you why the Dell Mini 5 seems so compelling when compared to some of the devices that are already out there, but it just seems like Dell could do really well with this device if they can nail the right price-point.”

My Thoughts

What are the dimensions? At 5”, is it pocketable? It could be. My Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet (albeit 4.8”) is pocketable.

Assuming it is pocketable – and it’s hard to imagine Dell making the mistake of it not being pocketable – then we get to CarryPad’s point: Why get this barely pocketable device when for the same specs (other than the screen size) you can get a more comfortably pocketable 4.3” (or 3.7”) device?

The answer is you’ll get a better web browsing experience. So that’s the trade-off. Pocketability vs. the larger screen.

Another issue is whether the Mini 5 will be holdable (is that a word?) as a phone. Based on my experience with the Archos 5, the Mini 5 easily can be held as a web browsing device. But we hold a device differently as a phone than when browsing the web. If the Mini 5 is more rectangular as opposed to squarish (like my HTC Advantage), it should be holdable as a phone. Though if your hands are small …

We may find out more at MWC in a couple of weeks. All we know now is the Mini 5 likely will be available later this year. Later could mean a couple of months, or Xmas, depending on what you read. In the meantime, you can watch this brief video of the Mini 5, demonstrated by Dell’s head honcho himself.

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