AT&T 3G on Motorola Milestone and Nexus One

image Verizon has the Motorola Droid. The Droid’s European version, the Milestone, supports GSM, but not US 3GSM bands. T-Mobile USA has the Nexus One. Verizon will get it soon. AT&T – my primary carrier – has zilch. But this may change soon.

Android Central reports that the Milestone is coming to the Canadian carrier Telus. Why do I, an AT&T user, care? Because (according to the article) this Canadian Milestone, unlocked, will support AT&T 3G. Of course, this 3G goodness comes at a price. $549 unlocked to be exact. But you won’t have to wait long. Perhaps the end of February. Update: TELUS rumored to launch the MILESTONE on the 18th

BGR reports that a version of the Nexus One supporting AT&T 3G bands has passed FCC testing. Could be called the HTC Bravo. But what’s in a name? Release date unknown. My guess is 3 months.

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