Lenovo X201 Tablet Coming

image I’ve had my eye on the Lenovo X200 Tablet PC. It has a capacitive, multi-touch 12.1” screen. And its digitizer uses Wacom rather than the  N-trig technology which has been problematic on the Dell XT2. However, I held off for two reasons. One is reports of shipping delays due to issues Lenovo was having with the multi-touch screen. Those delays would be transient, but the other issue was the processor. Instead of Core 2 Duo, I wanted a Core i5 (or  i3 or i7) processor.

I may get my wish soon. Engadget (picture source) has leaked a Lenovo 2010 roadmap which includes a X201 tablet. Engadget speculates that the tablet will “just be upgraded to low-voltage Arrandale CPUs and left well enough alone.” That will be a cool (pun intended) upgrade. For more on the Arrandale CPU, see this Engadget article.

No other details yet. But good things happen to those who wait. And wait. And wait.

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