Windows Mobile 7 rumor mongering

image Wasn’t it just a few days ago that speculation was rampant over Apple’s upcoming announcement of a tablet? Well, it’s déjà vu all over again. Mobile Word Congress (MWC) is starting in one week, February 15, in Barcelona, Spain. It’s widely accepted that the feature of MWC will be the unveiling of Windows Mobile 7. So as with the Apple tablet, speculation once again is rampant about the features of this still unannounced OS. So what are the rumors? And our fearless forecasts?

Rumor Mongerers

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My $.02

I agree that Windows Mobile 7 will be announced at MWC.

I would be surprised and disappointed if WM7 doesn’t support multi-tasking. More Windows Mobile 7 rumors; will it really not support multi-tasking? puts it well IMO:

“One that really shocks me in the list is the lack of multi-tasking. Really Microsoft? Everyone harps on Apple because the iPhone doesn’t support this and all indications are that iPhone OS 4 will add it. Microsoft has always supported multi-tasking in its mobile operating system and I would be shocked if they took a step back and removed this capability.”

Supposedly in lieu of multi-tasking, applications will “pause” when in the background, but will support notifications via push notifications. I’m not satisfied (as if MS cares) with this poor man’s substitute for multi-tasking.

I likewise would be surprised and disappointed if WM7 locks down the UI. More Windows Mobile 7 rumors; will it really not support multi-tasking? again puts it well IMO:

“It is also interesting to see the part about other interfaces not being supported. One thing that I really like about Windows Mobile is the ability to customize it to your heart’s content and if this is true then no more HTC Sense, Spb Mobile Shell, Samsung TouchWIZ, etc. Then again, if the OS is excellent then maybe none of these are necessary.”

Maybe it’s just me, but no matter how good the OS interface may be, I’d like choice. After all, not everyone likes the same thing; UI tastes and needs differ.

I’m only mildly disappointed with the reports that there will be no Flash support initially because there wasn’t enough time to implement these features – since it sounds that Flash support will be forthcoming later. Similar comment for the initial lack of backwards compatibility of the .NET Compact Framework – I’ve bought and paid for those apps and would like to use them on my new device.

I’m disturbed about reports that only official apps allowed, and no installation via the storage card. Coupled with the UI lockdown, no multi-tasking, no Flash, I’m beginning to wonder if Apple has taken over Microsoft.

On a brighter note, I would be happy if the rumors are true about the death of ActiveSync (or ActiveStink as I called it)  and the only slightly better Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC).

There may be a Zune phone that is WM7. But not all WM7 phones will be Zune phones.

I’m sure we’ll learn more soon. Like next week at MWC.

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