Dell Mini 5

imageThe title of Dell Mini 5: Pocketable? Holdable? tells my concerns about this upcoming Android 5” phone. Is it pocketable? And how easy is it to hold while using it not as a MID, but as a phone?

I’m sure we’ll learn more next week at MWC. But while we’re waiting, the lucky dogs at Engagdet (picture source) have their hot little hands on a Mini 5 prototype. They promise us a review soon, but for now, they’ve given us pictures and a short (1:30) video to tide us over. Unfortunately, the video really doesn’t show how easy or difficult it is to hold the Mini 5 as a phone, or pocket it.

I am interested in the Dell Mini 5. I like my Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet. However, I wish its screen was capacitive, not resistive. The Mini 5’s screen is capacitive. Additionally, when WiFi isn’t available, I can connect my Archos 5 to the outside world using my MiFi. Still, the MiFi is one more device. The Mini 5, being a phone, necessarily has built-in connectivity.

Hopefully MWC will bring provide some answers.

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