Notion Ink Adam uber iPad?


It’s February 14. You know what that means? You’re right! Mobile Word Congress (MWC) starts tomorrow in Barcelona, Spain.

MWC should be the unveiling of Windows Mobile 7 and several new WM7 phones, as well as phones using other OS’s, primarily Android. But my focus on MWC coverage will be elsewhere … the Notion Ink Adam.

Pixel Qi Screen and the Smartpad started off the New Year discussing the Notion Ink smartpad and its Pixel Qi screen. That article, and some very good comments to it, discussed the Pixel Qi technology.

In the following 45 days several things happened. The Notion Ink device was named the Adam (ugh). The Adam was shown at CES. And then the iPad was introduced.

What does the iPad have to do with this? Well, the two devices may be direct competitors. I’m not the only one who thinks so: Notion Ink Adam: Flash, iPad comparison & App Competition. Per this article, the Adam’s (possible) advantages (Update: Notion Ink Adam Tablet Caught On Video, Specs Finalized):

Thinner. The Adam’s thickness will be either 12.9mm thick or 11.6mm; the iPad is 13.4mm.

Battery life. Due to the Adam’s Tegra processor. And its Pixel Qi display.

Flash. Coming soon to the Adam’s Android OS. Notion Ink Adam Flash video demo. But maybe never to the iPad.

Video. Tegra is capable of outputting 1080p HD video. The iPad maxes out at 576p/480p via its optional component cable.

To me, the Adam seems to have the iPad beat, hands down. Yet, for the average consumer, often the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Apple has proved with its iPhone the importance of integrating the hardware and software to make the user’s experience easy and simple. Your techno-phobic Aunt Bertha can easily operate an iPhone. So as observed in Will Notion Ink’s Adam Be the iPad for Geeks?, perhaps the iPad will be the device for consumer, the Adam the device for geeks. If so, I’m a geek, and proud of it!

I can’t wait to see new information about the Adam at MWC. Including when this device will be released. Update: In the meantime, Everything We Know About the Notion Ink Adam.