Dell Mini 5 hands on, video and unanswered questions

image Dell Mini 5 MID live video has a 4:12 video of this upcoming 5” Android phone. The video is interesting. Though the questions and answers during the video are even more informative. But SlashGear’s comments after a hands on are most informative of all. So here are some of SG’s comments, and my comments on their comments.

“the Mini 5 makes the Archos 5 Internet Tablet feel clunky”

This is interesting. The Archos 5 is pocketable. I also could hold it in my hands as a phone (which it isn’t), and I don’t have the large hands of a basketball player. Dimensions and weight please!

“while it’s just a little too large to be comfortably used as a smartphone, with full phone functionality you could certainly use it as such in a pinch.”

This is a bit subjective. Hand sizes differ, as do comfort zones. At the risk of repeating myself, I’d love to know the dimensions and weight so I could compare them to a known quantity, my Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet.

“There’s also Flash 10.1 support and all of the existing Android Market apps will run.”

Flash support is welcome but expected. Not sure what to make of the comment “all of the existing Android Market apps will run.” No reason why they wouldn’t. But will the Android Market app itself run? What about the other elements of Google Experience? Anyone who like me has had to hack the Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet to obtain these features will know exactly why I’m asking.

Update: Engadget reports that the Mini 5 will be running an Android OS version later than 1.6. Probably not a big deal given the reassurances that the Mini 5 will be fully upgradeable in such matters.

“The modem connection has quadband GSM and then will be offered in various SKUs suited for European, AT&T or T-Mobile AWS 3G.”

Nice to know about AT&T. But no Verizon apparently?

“Still no specific release date or pricing as yet.”

No comment.

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  • So, I take it you are still Nexus One-less at this time. I now have Android 2.0 running nicely on the SmartQ V7 and I have to say I like it a lot, especially when compared to the WinCE.
    Having said that, WinMo7 looks very nice!

    • Steve, correct, still biding my time. Nexus One OK, but not blown away. I will be posting soon on what I am pondering. Which definitely includes the Mini 5.

      Read your post on NanOSNotes on the SmartQ V7. Interesting device. And yes, WinMo 7 does look interesting. At least it wasn’t an incremental improvement to an old and tired WinMo platform.

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