Lenovo X201 Tablet Reviewed

image Lenovo X201 Tablet Update recently told you about the upcoming successor to the Lenovo X200 Tablet PC, with the new Intel low voltage Core i7 processor and a dual capacitive and multi-touch screen, recognizing both stylus and finger input, and multi-finger gestures.

Engadget (picture source) just posted its review of the X201t. The review is reasonably positive. Basically, the X201 is a powerful, full-featured unit. However, the X201t will be heavy, both in your hands (4 lbs.) and on your wallet (> $2K). Battery life is OK considering the powerful CPU — probably about 4 hours in normal usage.

Engadget concludes: “[T]he X201T doesn’t have the endurance to match that of the thinner ULV laptops out there, but it provides loads more power in its small shell. It isn’t as light or thin as we’d like, but if you must get your fingers on a multitouch capable ultraportable that can endure your everyday computing routine, you’ll probably need to liquidate around $1,900 worth of assets, pronto.”

I must. Though I’m still thinking about the slightly larger (13.3” vs. 12.1” and beefier Fujitsu T900. Update: Engadget also has posted on some Toshiba models.

I can think some more. The X201t isn’t yet on the Lenovo X Tablet site. Update: But per the Lenovo press release, the X201t and siblings should be “available beginning in March”, and pricing “starts” at $1,549. The operative word is starts; I’m confident I’ll finish north of $2K if I buy the X201t.

Update: Another review here by Laptop magazine. Also, hopefully soon I will have an X201t to review. Stay tuned.

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