Ooops, the Dell Mini 5 has an earpiece

image Can the Dell Mini 5 phone be used as a … phone?, discussing the video in Engadget’s Dell Mini 5 prototype impressions, raised the concern that the Mini 5 does not have an earpiece. Consequently, without a Bluetooth or wired headset, those around you will hear both ends of your conversation through the speaker.

Richard Lai, who wrote the Engadget article, posted a comment to my article that the speaker on the front of the device is an earpiece, with a louder speaker in the back of the phone. Richard confirmed in following email correspondence:

“The speakers work the same way as any ordinary phones — on the front, the top speaker (or ‘earpiece,’ as you call it) is the default low-volume audio output for phone calls, and naturally the speaker on the back is disengaged; if you enable speakerphone mode, the back speaker is used instead.”

Thanks Richard for confirming this! As for me, goes to show what they say about the word “assume.” And the privacy issue, which Steve of NanOsNotes and I are debating in our blogs, while still interesting, doesn’t apply to the Mini 5.

3 Responses to “Ooops, the Dell Mini 5 has an earpiece”

  • That’s good news.
    Frankly, speaker phone is my preferred method of holding a telephone (cell) call although I agree that it just not practicable at all times.

    Again, personal preference: Having something sticking in my ear does not seem to agree with my physiology, whether corded or Bluetooth but never the less, the Dell is still in my sights and I look forward to seeing and hearing more about this promising piece of tech.
    Any idea of release date, anyone? I trust it won’t be overly expensive as suggested in Richard’s original article!

  • I wanted to add that, just for fun, I made a few calls from the Viliv X70 (with 3G) from the pub the other night. It actually worked quite well considering the noise in there. And; ‘No’, I didn’t hold it to my ear.

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