Replacing my BB Storm on VZW — Nexus One or Incredible?

image Google Nexus One Coming to Verizon! told you that Google announced at its Nexus One launch back on January 5 that the Nexus One would be coming to Verizon in Spring 2010. Per Engadget (picture source), the rumored VZW launch date is March 23.

I’ve been holding off replacing my aging Blackberry Storm. Since no HD2 equivalent seems to be coming to VZW, I may go with the Nexus One. It does seem to be an incredible phone.

Did I say incredible? That reminds me … the HTC Incredible now is in Verizon’s inventory system. So it should be launching relatively soon. Though perhaps not as soon as March 23rd.

So which phone do I desire? Did I say desire? That reminds me of the HTC Desire, discussed and compared with the Nexus One in HTC Desire vs. Google Nexus One. But it doesn’t look like the Desire is coming to the US, at least in the short term, much less VZW. So nevermind.

Back to choosing between the Nexus One and the Incredible. Hard to say since not much definitive information yet on the Incredible. There are worrisome reports that the Incredible’s RAM is only half that of the Nexus One, 256 vs 512 MB. But nothing yet confirmed.

Maybe we’ll learn more about the Incredible next month at CTIA … which starts the day before the Nexus One’s rumored VZW launch date.

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