No Windows 7 Phone Update for HTC HD2

image The title says it all. The bad news comes from an interview given by Natasha Kwan, General Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business in the Asia-Pacific region. The reason is that the HD2 doesn’t have the Home, Back and Search keys which Microsoft mandates for all Windows Phone 7 devices. Instead, the HD2 has Call, Home, Start, Back and End/Power controls.

Sounds picky. But it’s up to Microsoft, which lately is becoming Apple-esqe in asserting control over phones using the Windows 7 Phone OS. Perhaps understandable given the Wild West that Windows Mobile had become. If you want Wild West now, go Android. Though per jkOnTheRun, Google may soon reassert control too.

Also, per Slashgear, another Microsoft rep indicated that the HD2’s hardware may have other Windows 7 Phone upgrade shortcomings. Though what they may be likely will be unknown until the full, official hardware profile for WP7 devices is outed at MIX 2010 starting on March 15. Update: Another confirmation from a Microsoft rep.

If this bad news holds – I don’t consider it 100% yet – then it nixes my thought of getting an HD2 through T-Mobile USA. Why pay a lot of $$ for a device destined to have an obsolete OS by the end of the year? Can’t imagine TMo is too happy either.

Of course, the cooks at XDA may cook a Windows 7 Phone ROM for the HD2. May? More like probably. Still, for all the $$ you’re paying for an HD2 …

[picture credit BGR]

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