Dithering over the iPad

image Matt Miller aka the Mobile Gadgeteer and I have something in common beside Mobile in our monikers (I like Mobile Barbarian better but that’s me) … dithering. He, like me, is still trying to decide whether to get the Apple iPad. His Apple iPad: To pre-order or not to pre-order? lists the pros and cons. I basically agree, though I could add a few to both lists. But my conclusion is the same: I dunno.

I love the iPad’s form factor. I dislike its being locked down, no multi-tasking, need for adapters for USB and SD, etc. But I see few alternatives in this form factor. I‘d prefer the Notion Ink Adam over the iPad. But it doesn’t appear that the Adam will be available any time soon.

Hopefully I will be strong and withstand the siren song of Apple’s forthcoming iPad advertising blitz. I still walk around my house intoning “Droooooiiiiiddddd.”

Update: Per this article, Matt and his sidekick pre-ordered the iPad. Apple Store pre-order link. I sympathize. It’s hard for a geek to resist. Must be strong, must be strong. Though with my luck, there’ll be an HTC Strong for me to buy.

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