AT&T Compatible Nexus One Coming


Probably the Taliban and I were the only ones that didn’t know that the Nexus One, already with T-Mobile and coming soon to Verizon, also is coming to AT&T. Well, an AT&T compatible version anyway. AT&T has not picked the phone up, so you pay full price. But in return, you get an unlocked phone. Just pop your SIM in and you’re good to go. Just go to this order page and plunk your money down:


I’ll let you know what I think.

1 Responses to “AT&T Compatible Nexus One Coming”

  • the screen shots remind me of when i go shopping 🙂

    I see your getting the extra battery. that is the biggest problem I have with my Iphone 3gs it doesn’t last. I have to stop using it because I am concerned about the battery life. If I use it the way i would like to, Like I do on the weekends I have to use it with the power cable. The battery only lasts like 2 hours. On full brightness downloading and installing apps while chatting via text and IM and SSH-ing into it.

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