CarryPad’s Top 3 Big Slate Contenders

CarryPad has an interesting article, Top 3 Big Slate Contenders. The contenders are the iPad, Joojoo and Notion Ink Adam. The article discusses each slate’s pros and cons, and compares them.

My preference is, in this order, the Adam, the Joojoo and the iPad. My frustration is that the probability of the devices actually shipping is the reverse order. The iPad is definitely happening. The Joojoo is probably happening. The Adam only may be happening.

There are other big slates rumored for late this year. HP’s maybe in September. Samsung’s maybe late this year. And not just from the big boys. Hanvon has a slate to be released March 25 … but in China, with no word on when (or if) it is coming to the US.

So for those of us hoping for alternatives to the Dark Side of the Force Apple’s iPad … maybe, maybe, maybe.

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  • If the Notion Ink Adam is a maybe to ship product that company has a lot of money to shred. Just the presentation of it seems outstanding. Its very Apple like style tech specs. Although I have to say, the battery life makes it seem like a concept. Its what we all expected the Ipad to be.

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