image Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G may well be my next phone. The EVO is essentially the same device as another I have been considering, T-Mobile USA’s HTC HD2, being released today (March 24). However, the EVO, while unveiled the day before, isn’t yet available, though will be soon … this Summer.

So which phone? Or do I have a better alternative than either? Read on.

The HD2 is available now, and its form factor and hardware guts are almost the same as the not yet available EVO. However, there are two important differences that, as between the two, make the EVO worth waiting for.

The first difference is the OS. The EVO’s OS is Android. The HD2’s OS is Windows Mobile 6.5.x. Per Microsoft, the latter is not upgradeable to Windows Phone 7. In other words, an OS that is an evolutionary dead end.

The second difference is that the EVO supports WiMAX. 4G blazing data speed! And per Sprint, also yesterday, coming to Los Angeles in 2010.

So am I getting the EVO then? Not so fast. There’s also another Android coming early Summer, the Dell Mini 5 aka Streak. No WiMAX, and no LTE yet, but a 5” screen.

Also, as Slashgear observes:

“[W]e wouldn’t be at all surprised if HTC had an HSPA+ version of the EVO 4G – with the same huge capacitive display, Snapdragon processor and high-resolution camera – in their engineering labs, with the added bonus that such a device could work not only on AT&T and T-Mobile USA’s planned networks, but fit in with what’s available in Europe.  That’ll be even faster than WiMAX, potentially. [¶] Should that stop you buying the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint?  Probably not, though we’ll be interested to see what devices cross the wire in the interim period between CTIA Wireless and the EVO 4G’s release over the coming summer.”

Yes, indeed, I would be interested to see what further devices are announced in those intervening few months.

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