HP Slate running Adobe Flash and Air

I haven’t drunk the iPad KoolAid … yet anyway. I probably could live without multi-tasking, or having to use adapters for USB and SD. But I just don’t get a web consumption device that can’t view the considerable part of the Web that uses Adobe Flash. And I mean considerable. Per this 5:26 video from NetBookNews, Flash is used in 85% of the top 100 websites, 75% of videos and 70% of casual games.

An HP Slate was unveiled at CES 2010. Still little is known about it. However, it will run Adobe Flash, and also Air. Think this is an April Fool’s joke? Well, watch the video, which does an excellent job of showing the many and varied uses of Flash and Air on the Web.

The video also tells us that the HP Slate will be available “later this year.” My advice: Better makes that sooner than later, before the iPad develops too much traction.

I’m curious about the news in the coming weeks about the reactions of iPad users to the iPad’s lack of support for Flash and Air. Or maybe there will be some workarounds? We’ll likely learn more soon.

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  • Workaround? Wait five years until HTML5 is a standard. Maybe a standard. Since Jobs hates Adobe, I doubt we’ll see a workaround. He knows what we want. And even if we still want it, Steve Jobs knows what’s good for us and we’ll like it (or skip it. I’m in the later category.). Damn shame, too. I’d have been standing in line for one if it had Flash and multi-tasking. Come on HP! I’m tired of traveling with a netbook. Please give me a better option!

    • MsJoanne, there is recent news that some major sites that have made modifications to be iPad ready or friendly:


      But I’m with you. Bring on the HP slate. Or the Notion Ink Adam. Soon. Please. Before I succumb to S. Jobs whispering in my ear “this is the tablet you are looking for.”

      • Genghis, I got so excited at your link…until I went to it. TWELVE sites that are fully compatible with the iPad. Wow! Good on S. Jobs!

        CNN, Reuters, The New York Times, Vimeo, Time, Major League Basebal, The White House, Virgin America, Sports Illustrated, Flickr, People Magazine, TED

        Like you, it’s tough not to succumb. Then I use my iPhone and gaze anything but lovingly at that blue lego taunting me, whispering what a fool I am for even considering the iPad. One blue Lego a day keeps me honest. 10 blue Legos keeps me focused on NOT wasting money on a device which doesn’t work with far too many sites I visit.

        (p.s. Maybe now CNN won’t take 5 minutes to load. That remains to be seen. I stopped using CNN when they did their last redesign and it would take FOREVER for a page to load.)

  • Multitasking coming to the Iphone and Ipad OS 4.0 🙂
    I went to the apple store this weekend and I wasn’t convinced on the Ipad
    the screen size is nice but, the software apple wrote for it doesn’t take advantage of it in an efficient way.There is no camera and the keyboard can’t keep up to my typing.

  • Hp Slate will probably be doing a last minute change of the OS. It is rumor that HP will be dropping Microsoft 7 OS from their Slate device. WebOS (most likely) will be their operating system of choice. Last heard is that HP was NOT happy with the performance of Microsoft 7 as a touch screen device. With HP purchasing Palm recently and with it came WebOS, it seems only likely that HP will be using WebOS as their OS for the Slate.
    HP may also be dropping the Intel processor for something “LESS POWER HUNGARY”. If they go to the new OS they won’t need the Intel processor and thus will gain a few more hours of battery life. Something that they were hammered on in hands on testing.

  • Back in January, HP VP Phil McKinney says the Slate running Windows 7 is a “real product. It’s not a prototype or concept. We’re committed to delivering it in 2010.” And this relatively long testimonial from Adobe in March says the Windows 7 HP Slate “will be available in the market later this year.”
    Of course, HP can change its mind. And the acquisition of Palm and the WebOS may give HP pause. But one argument being made is that HP may bring out tablets based on Windows 7 and Palm’s WebOS. HP is not averse to bringing out several different models in one product segment, as this San Jose Mercury News article points out. Ezra Gottheil, an analyst at Technology Business Research, said he believes that HP will bring out both a Windows 7 Slate and a product based on Palm’s WebOS. “Vendors will experiment to see which ones are a hit,” he said, in a phone interview.
    “I don’t think the Slate has been canceled. This is a delay, if anything,” said Ben Bajarin with Creative Strategies. “The question is, will they bring out different products at different price points.” HP may opt for a Windows 7 Slate for some segments, while a hypothetical WebOS-based tablet will address others, Bajarin said.
    Source from http://www.news.cnet.com

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