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image After reading my blogs, I think only the Taliban and I have resisted (so far) the siren song of the iPad. I can’t speak for the Taliban, but my justification is I would want the 3G model, and that won’t be available until “late April” per Apple. Frankly, I also want to read the reviews. This is one time I feel no urge to be “the first.” In particular, I am concerned about inking handwritten notes.

Sumocat of GottaBeMobile (source of the cool picture) has posted Why I’m still holding off on the iPad. His point, seemingly overlooked in the hysteria, is that the iPad being a great touch device does not necessarily make it a great inking device.

For most buyers, inking likely is a minor issue if it is an issue at all. But for me, a long time Tablet PC user, inking is important. I would not expect that iPad to be as good an inking device as a Tablet PC. The iPad does not have an active digitizer, doubtlessly because that would drive up its price. But is at least a decent inking device? Is vectoring a problem? Dare I hope for handwriting recognition?

I’m not the only one. Inking coming to Evernote for the iPad points out that the Evernote blog indicates that handwriting support is still a “to do”: “Handwriting is just too much of a tactile-based experience to develop purely on a simulator.”

So in reading the reviews, I will be especially curious about feedback on inking.

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  • “only the Taliban and I have resisted (so far) the siren song of the iPad.”

    I agree
    Ali al Taliban

  • The lack of inking support is holding me off, too – I need it for university. I don’t think that proper inking will ever be possible on it. In my experience, capacitive screens are wonderful for touch input but, like resistive screens, pretty terrible at capturing your handwriting: The results lack precision and look jagged.

    • IMO you need an active digitizer for good inking. But an active digitizer isn’t touch unless you have an expensive screen like that on the Dell Latitude XT2 or like Tablet PCs. Expensive screen drives up price for feature most don’t need or are willing to pay for. So we may be relegated to the expensive devices.

  • writing recognition, on an apple product? oh oh…

  • Well I never thought of myself of having anything in common with the Taliban but…. 🙂

    Frankly, it’s not just the lack of inking that keeps me from grabbing up an iPad but also the difficulties presented for anyone who might want to connect something other than another Apple product to the thing. I dabble in digital photography and it would be nice to be able to easily slip a memory card in or connect my camera to preview or do quick edits of photos. For my job I’m on road a lot visiting different schools and right now I carry around a portable hard drive with files, forms, data, and tons of stuff that I’m constantly sharing with folks and it seems that there is just too much of a hassle to find workarounds for transferring files and heck.. even just to print?

    Inking, however, is big on my wish list. I got to meetings– I need to take notes. I attend professional development sessions — I need to take notes. When I schools I’m walking around classrooms taking notes. I often leave notes for the teachers I’ve visiting which of course means I have to write down things twice. The notes end up in various notebooks, calendars, on stickies and even scraps of paper sometimes.

    When I recently upgraded my OS to the latest Windows and saw OneNote for the first time, it was enlightening to say the least. Here was what I’d never known I’d been looking for. 🙂 (That sentence almost makes sense in my head.) So I spent the next few months gleaning the net for information all the so-called iPad competitors– and watched them fall by the wayside or hit delay after delay. So.. last week I finally did it. I placed an order for a Lenovo X201 Tablet with the multi-touch and pen support. I never thought I’d spend that much for a laptop but being able to use for both personal and professional tasks keeps me (almost) from feeling too guilty. (But I expect this thing to cook me dinner and take out the trash when it arrives.)

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