Droid Incredible coming to Verizon

image We’ve talked before about the HTC Incredible. Then it was just a rumor. Now it’s coming to Verizon is announcing you can pre-order the “Droid Incredible” on April 29. The operative word is “pre.” No actual release date … yet.  Also no official specs … yet. So what exactly would you be (pre) ordering? A device  very similar to the Nexus One. But there are differences:

Incredible has a better camera (8 vs. 5 mexapixels) and flash (dual LED vs. one),

Incredible has a trackpad vs the N1’s trackball. IMO the trackpad is preferable.

Incredible reportedly has 8GB onboard memory vs the N1’s miserly 512MB. “Reportedly” because no official specs yet.

Incredible has HTC Sense whereas the N1 is stock Android so no overlay. IMO the overlay is a double-edged sword so which is “better” is a matter of preference.

Other differences may surface. But the Incredible seems to be the superior device, especially if the 8GB onboard memory is correct.

Google’s page still says that the N1 is coming to Verizon in Spring 2010.  Hard to believe though that Verizon would concurrently market two such similar devices.

So did I sign up for notifications on the availability of a device that could replace my elderly BlackBerry Storm? Do bears sleep in the woods? You bet I signed up!

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