I’ve gone to the iDarkSide

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I succumbed. Yesterday I ordered an iPad. The whole 9 yards. The 3G model. 64GB. Plus accessories. Lots of them.

My students’ reaction? Half shook their heads sadly, as if I were a relapsed (gadget) addict. The other half shook their fists, regarding me as a traitor who sold out to The Man.

Why did I do it? Well, that’s the subject of another post. Which I don’t have time right now to write, since I have to go to work to earn $$ to fund my gadget addiction. Maybe this weekend. Which will be before my iPad arrives. It’s currently due to ship by May 7.

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  • WOW! You finally caved! I am so interested to see if you really do like it and what you plan to do with it. Let me know! I’ll be sure to link up to it. Fabulous.

    • Hi Jenna. I will be drafting my explanation/confession over the weekend. Of course that will be without using the device, which won’t come for about a week. Hopefully my expectations will translate to reality. Which as we all know doesn’t always happen with gadgets.

  • Seeing it’s confession time – me too.
    I have the wi-fi 16GB and I have to say I like it and I am using it instead of a regular PC a lot of the time.
    I am using GoodReader for my Google Docs and the like and I like Feeddler for RSS feeds. I also have the Google suite installed and use that for various things. Put that together with Evernote, DropBox, Maps, Zinio, Kindle/iBooks and, not to forget Netflix 🙂
    Also using ‘Desktop’ to have two open windows at a time.
    All in all, It’s a good experience and I am still finding my way around.

    I am not finding a specific problem with the wi-fi although it has dropped a couple of times but not enough to annoy. It is somewhat slow, though. Perhaps an update might come along soon seeing it is an acknowledged problem.

    Real sorry to hear about the Courier and it looks like the HP Slate is down the pan, but perhaps it might come back with something like the Palm OS

    Sorry to say, but I think you will enjoy the iPad and find it useful.

    Welcome to the Darkside – may the Force be with you.

  • I meant to add; I have just sold my Viliv x70 and HTC Advantage on eBay. Sad to see them go really, but I was just not using them.

  • I can’t believe you sold your soul to the devil (or its equivalent in the tech world), the Ipad is just a giant Ipod, like an ipod for the Navi (from Avatar), and it does not do anything new. Unless you are a 7 feet tall giant for whom regular ipods won’t do. What are you getting next a Mac air?

    • Sorry, Francisco, I’m afraid it’s true.
      It was a killer deal, though . . . the iPad shipped with free draught Guinness FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!!
      Now c’mon, who wouldn’t be swayed by a deal like that.

      Really, it was my wife’s iPhone that swayed me, I have never owned an Apple product in my life, and as for the Mac Air – No way!

      • Steve, thanks for having my back. But I can’t use the Guinness excuse, as good at it is. The sad truth is Steve Jobs used one of his Jedi mind tricks on me. But thanks again for responding to Francisco. He’s a student of mine. Whose grade I’m concerned may be an iFail 🙁 But while Francisco ponders the consequences of his indiscretion, he can look forward to my upcoming post “Why I went to the iDarkSide” coming by Monday.

      • Sorry Steve but I almost never drink beer, but when I do I drink DOS EQUIS… So Guinness won’t do for me, red wine perhaps. Anyways as you can read my grade is in jeopardy, so I better stop my criticism (free speech for the fool). Hey Mr. Kent about the Jedi thing… Costco has an aluminum foil sale.

      • Thanks Francisco for the tip on the Costco sale. I hear that wearing an aluminum foil hat will improve the iPad’s WiFi reception. Looks like an iPass is in your future 🙂

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