iPad first uses

image I’m writing a long article on the iPad. The article is taking longer than anticipated to finish. Partly this is because I’m using my iPad a lot and keep coming up with new things to write about. So in the meantime here’s a brief post about how I’ve used the iPad during the first week I’ve had it. Some of my uses, like checking out the Internet or email while sofa surfing or waiting, are expected, so not really worth writing about. But other uses, maybe not so expected, so I’ll share them with you.

The Loan

My wife and I are trying to close a loan. Despite my best efforts to get everything done ahead of time, everything is coming down to the last minute. In particular, while I’m accompanying my wife at a medical appointment, I’m receiving complex PDFs to which I have to respond very quickly. Try reading those on a smartphone screen. But with the iPad’s screen, no problema. Plus I can tap out quick emails in response. Connectivity? MiFi. And there’s also 3G for a few extra bucks. So a few hours later, we’re able to sign loan documents. Success! (Well, I hope so, we do have to pay the loan off).

Interior Decorator

I’m not one. More like an inferior decorator. But we have to try to match existing wood and stone with those my wife and I are looking at in stores. My memory of what the existing wood and stone looks like is like Ronald Reagan and redwood trees – if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. However, a picture is worth 1000 words. So I just loaded pictures of the existing wood and stone on the iPad via iTunes. The iPad, being a mobile device, was easy to carry around in the stores. And it does a wonderful job of displaying photos. No big need for connectivity here, but if necessary, MiFi or 3G.

Next Week

Next week I will try to use the iPad more in business settings. Haven’t done so much so far because the case didn’t come until Friday, and I was hesitant to use the iPad naked. I mean the iPad naked … sorry for the bad visual. 

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