EVO 4G Today

image Sprint’s EVO 4G became available today. Did I add it to my gadget harem? Do bears sleep in the woods? Of course I got it. Here’s my story of today’s events, actually more about Sprint Customer Service than the EVO.

I reserved the EVO a few weeks ago at the local Beast Buy. I arrived early for my appointment. They took me right away. The only problem is that the Sprint activation servers were getting hammered by all those EVO buyers like me. So was the Sprint telephone activation number. Between the glacially slow website and over half an hour hold times, it took a while. But I finally left with the EVO. Couldn’t use the EVO yet though. I was told that would take up to an hour.

3 hours later. No voice. No data. No joy. I called Sprint customer service. Hold time was no more than 5 minutes. Got through to a knowledgeable rep who tried to activate the EVO manually. During the process, I raised some questions regarding my phone settings. Turned out the Beast Buy rep forgot to program my phone with, among other things, my phone number. In fairness, the poor guy was busier than the proverbial one-armed paper hanger.

Once we got past that issue, activation was processing, but it wasn’t clear whether it would be successful. Since the process would take a while, the Sprint rep said she’d call me back in about an hour. I thought, yeah sure. And then a few minutes after I hung up with the Sprint rep, activation failed.

I was a sad geek. But surprisingly, the Sprint rep called me back. We didn’t do anything different, but this time the EVO activated. I suspect that during the hour interim the Sprint activation server had returned to the living.

I just started playing with the EVO. It gets better reception in my home in the hills than my Verizon HTC Incredible, even though I have VZW’s network extender. Not much to report yet. It’s like the Incredible, just a larger screen and, well, larger, though still quite pocketable and holdable. Unlike the Incredible, the EVO’s screen is not AMOLED, but that’s doesn’t seem like a big deal so far. Anyway, I’ll be reporting back as soon as I have more time to play with the EVO.

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