What a difference .2” makes

image This post’s title is not as snappy as the title of the famous song What a Difference a Day Makes. But that song’s singer was mistakenly exulting about a new love, not a new device.

Steve “Chippy” Paine of Carrypad has posted Dell Streak and Archos 5 screens – 0.2″ is a lot! (picture source). He’s comparing the screens of the upcoming Dell Streak, a 5” phone just arrived in Europe and coming to the U.S. next month, and the 4.8” Archos 5 Internet Tablet, a PMP which I own and have written about before. He writes:

“I was under the impression that the Dell Streak was a 4.8″ screen but it’s not. It’s a true 5″ screen. In addition, there are physical Android buttons which remove the need for on-screen buttons and thus save some important screen real-estate. The end effect is shown in the image.”

This screen comparison has more than just academic interest to me. I’m considering buying the Dell Steak for my wife. She complains that she needs reading glasses to read the screen of her phone (vanity thy name is woman). I showed her my Archos 5 IT. She said she could read the screen without glasses. I asked her to hold it as if it were a phone (which it’s not). She said she could – encouraging since I understand the overall dimensions of the Dell Streak and the Archos 5 IT are almost identical. I wasn’t concerned about pocketablity since she keeps her phone in her purse not her pockets. And with a larger device she has a better change of finding the ringing phone in time in that black hole of a purse 🙂

Chippy promises his first impressions of the Dell Streak soon. I can’t wait! Update: Here it is: Dell Streak First Impressions. As Chippy mentions, his wife also wants the Streak, and will carry it in her purse, so no pocketability issue.

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