Mobility, WiFi and Internet Filters

I am in a meeting out of the office. I wanted to travel light. So I brought my iPad instead of my laptop.

The meeting site has free WiFi. However, the network admins have installed a very restrictive Internet filter. I guess the idea is to keep employees from goofing off on the Internet. However, the filter also prevented me (and colleagues) from accessing business-related websites.

We were told to submit each site we want to visit. The network admins then could review and determine whether to allow an exception to their filter. Obviously not workable.

Fortunately I have a 3G iPad. Also fortunately, I previously paid for the unlimited 3G data option. AT&T since has ended that plan. But fortunately I’m grandfathered in. So I fired up 3G and was able to access the websites.

WiFi is prevalent. But so are Internet filters. So to be truly mobile, relying solely on outside WiFi (as opposed to your own like MiFi) may not always be sufficient.

(BTW, I wrote this post on my iPad’s WordPress app using a Freedom Pro bluetooth keyboard.)

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