Skadoosh stand and the honest vendor

image I ordered the Skadoosh stand for my iPad. Basically it enables you to lock the iPad in a number of angles convenient for viewing and typing. When a promised ship date came and went, I inquired and was told the stand would ship by Monday, June 21. When I hadn’t received a ship notice by the next day, I followed up and asked about status. The candid reply:

“I am writing to inform you that we have run into a very unfortunate delay. I have been waiting until we had information on our new timeline before I began notifying our customers about the situation. We made a poor choice in the company we were using to put the finish on our stands. After they failed to meet the agreed upon deadlines we realized (a little too late) that we needed to find someone else to work with. We have found a new company and they are trying to get our parts done in an expedited manner, but they will not be ready for us until Wednesday of this week. We will immediately complete the assembly of the stands and will begin shipping within 24 hours of picking up the parts. You will receive a confirmation email when your order actually ships. We are very sorry for the delay and appreciate your understanding. Please contact me with any questions or if you wish to cancel your order for an immediate refund.”

Such honesty is all the more refreshing in these days of corporate-speak. I’ll continue to wait. Hopefully I will receive the stand next week, after which I will do a quick review.

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