Lenovo ThinkPad x201t Tablet PC coming today

image I ordered the Lenovo ThinkPad x201t Tablet PC back in March, when my Dell Latitude XT2 went AWOL (likely stolen). It’s been a long wait due to Lenovo shipment delays, particularly relating to the Core i7 processor. But the x201t is arriving today per FedX! I will be writing a review. Though it may be a couple of weeks because we are moving next week.

2 Responses to “Lenovo ThinkPad x201t Tablet PC coming today”

  • Boy, I’d forgotten all about your Lenovo. I hope it actually does turn up!

    I have to admit that the iPad has quenched a lot of my tech-thirst and I am using it a lot and my other computers less. Perhaps when it acquires multitasking – or when someone brings out a suitable Win7 offering

  • WOW! I’ll be waiting for the review of this badboy. Dude a i7 in a Laptop is like a chihuahua with a pitbull’s jaws! Is not like i prefer to handwrite my code in your final, but photoshop and taking notes should be really cool with this think pad, if they fixed the flaws that the Xp and vista tablets had. Good luck moving.

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