Back among the living

I’ve posted very little the last 2 months. We moved to a new house. We’re still unpacking, plus redoing the floors. We also had a contractor renovate our “old” home and now are listing it for sale or lease. I’ve also been busy working … they don’t pay me for my good looks (which per my secretary would be a minimum wage violation). All this has left me little time or energy to write.

Whether anyone has missed me or this blog or not, I’ve missed writing, and am starting again. Here are some planned topics:

Lenovo ThinkPad x201t Tablet PC coming today told you about my latest Tablet PC purchase, which was from one of my favorite vendors, Allegiance Technology Partners. I will be writing a review soon on the x201t for TabletPCBuzz (which has been patient in waiting for my review).

How I’ve networked our new home. including firewalls, WiFi and DLNA.

My latest adventures on my iPad.

Comparisons of our Android super-phones, including the HTC Droid Incredible, HTC EVO 4G, and the latest addition to my gadget harem, the 5” Dell Streak.

My wife’s Sony Vaio Signature Collection P mini-notebook.

See you soon!

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