Angry Birds

All work and no play … not me! My latest time waster is Angry Birds. Warning! This game is addictive.

Basically, greedy green pigs steal the birds’ eggs. The birds seek revenge by sling-shotting, kamikaze style, into the pigs’ fortified digs. A direct hit damages the pigs’ fortifications, and the resulting falling debris may send one or more pigs into hog heaven. The goal is to off all the pigs before you run out of birds (usually 4 or 5). If you succeed, you go to the next level.

Different birds have different abilities which are activated by touch. One splits into three, like a MIRV. Another accelerates.

The game is available on multiple platforms. I play it on my iPad and on my Android (a beta so far).

The game works well with touch devices. It sort of reminds me of the old QBasic game Gorilla. Except Gorilla was even better, as wind direction and velocity also were involved.

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