Streaking back to Donut

image (Dell) Streak to the (Android OS) past told you about my frustration that the my Dell Streak came with Android 1.6 (Donut) instead of 2.1 (Eclair) or 2.2 (Froyo). Streaking to Eclair told you I lost patience waiting for Dell to get around to Froyo (supposedly in November). Instead, I followed this thread at XDADevelopers and installed an Éclair ROM on my Streak.

One problem though. The ROM made it appear that my phone was an O2 (a UK provider) rather than an AT&T. Nothing against our friends across the pond, but Android Market thought I was in the UK, which restricted my choices (as well as requiring me to translate from pounds to dollars).

I solved the Android market problem by rooting my Streak and editing the build.prop file (not easy). But other and related problems remained. My AT&T MicroCell didn’t recognize the Streak, probably because I still had the wrong (O2) baseband. Worse, if and when the U.S. Froyo update comes, I would not be able to install it since the update would think my phone is O2 instead of AT&T. (The dreaded FOTA model mismatch message).

So I decided to revert my ROM to the Donut that came with my Streak (ugh). But just going back to Donut is not enough – it still would appear that your streak is an O2, not an AT&T. But the (ROM) cooks at XDADevelopers came through again, in this thread.

So now, after hours of head scratching, and moments of heart thumping when it appeared I had bricked my Streak, I’m back to where I started from when I first took my Streak out of its box. Though at least my AT&T MicroCell now recognizes my Streak!

Now I have to wait for Dell, in its sweet time, to release the Froyo ROM for the Streak. Unless, of course, XDADevelopers beats them to it 🙂

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