Tabbing to an iPad Replacement?

I soon may be parting with my iPad. It’s not because I don’t like it. Quite the contrary. Rather, I must follow the wishes of a higher authority. Namely my wife. She wants it.

Of course, I could get her (or me) another iPad. But I’m not sure it makes sense to have two iPads. Rather, I plan to get something different. And what would that be?

Currently there are not a lot of alternatives. But that will change later this year with a likely influx of Android tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab likely will be leading the charge. Android Central just had a hands-on from which the video below was taken:

YouTube link for mobile viewing

As expected for a first in its class, the Tab has its minuses as well as pluses. But it does look like an interesting alternative to the iPad.

There have been a number of articles comparing the Tab with the iPad. One excellent and recent one is Samsung Galaxy Tab: Specs and thoughts on an iPad competitor. But let’s focus here on the two obvious and big differences …

First, screen size. Tab: 7”. iPad: 9.7”. With corresponding differences in size and weight.

My initial thought about 7” was disappointment. It’s probably too big to be pocketable (though a jacket pocket is possible). If both devices aren’t pocketable, why not go for the larger screen size.

However, there’s holdable as well as pocketable. The Tab, due to its lesser size and weight, is much easier to hold in one hand that the iPad. And the 7” screen size still seems plenty large for viewing the Web.

Second, OS: iOS vs. Android. iOS is optimized for a large touchscreen device. Android 2.2 (Froyo) – not really, more an OS for a smaller phone. Reportedly, Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) will be a big improvement for large touchscreens. Also reportedly, the Tab will be upgradable to Gingerbread when the latter becomes available. (See Android Froyo not ideal for tablet). Of course, that upgrade will involve a wait. Then again, I’m still waiting for iOS 4 on the iPad. 

Anyway, I most certainly will be keeping an eye on the Tab in the coming weeks.

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