Further Info on HP Slate 500 Tablet PC Delay

imageHP Slate 500 Tablet PC Delayed … but how long? That’s not only an article title. It’s also a question, caused by puzzlement. HP’s email cites a delay of 10 to 15 business days (2 to 3 weeks). But HP’s order status page, linked in HP’s email, shows a ship date of November 14, only a 2 day delay delay from the original ship date of November 12.

HP’s email, in addition to the order status page link, also gave a phone number, 800-888-0292 (option 3), to obtain further information. The good news was I was only on hold for about 5 minutes, and when I got through I spoke to a seemingly knowledgeable rep. 

Now for the bad news. The rep told me the new ship date would be 4 weeks from the order date, which in my case was October 25.

I asked the rep why the order status page had different information. She said that the order status page was not updated that often and calling as I had done would be the way to obtain the most up to date information.

Comments in a SlashGear article offer an interesting conspiracy theory. HP is marketing the Slate 500 as an enterprise device. Perhaps HP received a large order from a business customer, and is moving that order ahead of individual orders like mine.

I did ask the rep about this possibility. I received the answer I expected: “I have no information on that.”

Well, conspiracy or not, it looks like I won’t be receiving the Slate 500 until around Turkey Day. Unless there are further delays. The rep did cheerfully promise I would be notified if (when?) there are further delays.

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  3. sammyl says:

    Looks like HP is also preparing for worldwide release of the slate with 3G and GPS options.


    • elgordo says:

      Where did you find the data sheet with the 3g and GPS?

      • sammyl says:

        Found it on HP US web site
        - Go to Support & Drivers support
        - See support and troubleshooting information
        - Search for HP slate 500
        - Select Discover and use a product
        - Click on HP slate 500 Tablet PC – Overview

        You shold see the WWAN and GPS options listed under Wireless support as well as links to US and worldwide specs for the slate.

  4. dstrauss says:

    Finally looked at those Overview items referencing ptional WWAN support – why would 3G and GPS be mutually exclusive? In fact, in my prior life as an iPad owner (the shame, the shame), they were in fact integrated – no 3G, no GPS. Frankly, I am TIRED of carrier abuse in having to have either separate 3G accounts for each of my devices, or a “PREMIUM” for tethering. If I only get 2gb of data, WHY does the carrier have the right to dictate how I use them (other than “those with the money make the rules”)? I have been told by AT&T that they do this because a tethered notebook USES more data. Gee, let me see – you’re going to bill me for 2gb whether I use it or not; can’t carry it over from month to month; but HOPEFULLY I won’t even use it in the first place? Ok – when will they start charging me for the air I breath?