Samsung Galaxy Tab Arrives!


I just received my Samsung Galaxy Tab, which replaces my iPad that was “nationalized” this weekend by my wife (why is a subject for another article). I ordered the Tab from Verizon since they have a month to month plan rather than requiring a 2 year commitment. Big Red’s solid network doesn’t hurt either.

I’m still setting the Tab up while at work (pssst, don’t tell The Man). This includes installing mission critical apps such as Touchdown (multiple Exchange Server support) and Angry Birds.

First impressions are positive. The Tab is significantly lighter and smaller than the iPad, making it easier to hold, though I’m not sure it’s a one-handed device. The Tab’s screen is smaller than the iPad’s (7” vs. 9.7”), but it still is large enough to be very readable. The Tab’s screen also is very bright and vivid even in a power-saving setting, and (very important) interaction with it is fast and fluid.

Oh, and it fits in the pockets of my slacks, though it is not all that comfortable. Of course, a no go in tight jeans, but on me, that’s a bad visual 🙁

That’s it for now. Got to work to afford these gadgets.

2 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Tab Arrives!”

  • Hey. Glad to see that first impressions aren’t bad and looking forward to longer term impressions. I’ve been using mine (and demonstrating it) at MeeGo conference this week and it’s been fantastic. Quite possibly the best mobile internet deivce (not phone, not netbook!) that i’ve ever had.


    • Hi Chippy! Actually your posts lured me to yet another device 🙂 And in this case I’m glad you did. I will be using it a lot, and will be posting further on impressions after using it for a week or two.

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